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Psicofonias - Las Voces Desconocidas
CD 2016 Limited edition digipack
Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 131 CD

psicofonias GH 131 cd

psicofonias GH 131 cd

In the year 2008 the documentary called
“Psicofonías: Las Voces Desconocidas” was shot by the film director Jose Moral.
This was about the voices of dead people where echoes of spirits leave
us some footprint after death. Humankind has believed during a long
time that it is possible to communicate with dead people.

Over the years , seances, mediums and psychics have been
possible instruments to make contact with the afterlife.
So, EVP is an espiritual footprint and a communication link to
the soundtrack in this documentary.

This one relies on some of the most important projects of
the Dark Ambient Industrial music: In Slaughter Natives,
which is a pioneer in the symphonic industrial field and
part of the legendary label Cold Meat Industry.
This music project is formed by Jouni Havukainen who
carries out an outstanding and deep work full of aspects
where in some parts we can listen the voices of dead people.

Artwork by Nickolay Busov (Ufa-Muzak)


ISN @ Ashes of Angels festival, April 29th 2017, Augsburg (DE)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, In Slaughter Natives
Triarii, Sophia, Der Blaue Reiter, Empusae

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Musik Kantine


NIHIL (feat. In Slaughter Natives) "VENTRE"
Book/CD (87th Cycle)

Limited edition: 300 copies

mort aux vaches box

mort aux vaches box

Ventre is the cumulative work of French writer and graphic
designer NIHIL. A singular fictional universe growing and
mutating within since his childhood, where unconscious fears
and forgotten memories emerge as grotesque figures
populating surreal landscapes and where everything appears
as symbols and disguised archetypes. An ever-changing and
bizarre tale marked by mystical heights and regressive downfalls.
Ventre started in 2004 as a series of short texts and soon
developed to include imagery as well, exploring transcendence
and identity matters. After more than ten years of work, the
Ventre art book collects ten cryptic and philosophical
texts and seventy-five portraits of saints and martyrs
includinga retrospective of past works and
a number of previously unreleased ones.
The book comes with a unique soundtrack composed
especially for this project by In Slaughter Natives
which has infused much of NIHIL’s work since the early days
and both have also become close collaborators.
The music contributes to create a complete sensitive
experience along with the texts and images, in a
natural symbiosis of atmospheres and inspirations.  

Limited Edition of 300 Copies. Book Format: 7x10"
Hardbound cover with Matte Lamination. 115 pages.
CD: 7 Tracks. Running Time 39:18


Now available as digital download & streaming
wav, flac, mp3 & other formats

in slaughter natives

enter now the world

sacrosancts bleed

purgate my stain



Mort Aux Vaches wood box edition
Limited to 23 copies

LP + LP, Cassette "Skända Din Nästa"
T-shirt & A3 poster

mort aux vaches box

"Skända Din Nästa"

A1 - These Fields Must Be My Empty Graves
A2 - Skända Din Nästa
A3 - First Of The Dead
B1 - No Title
B2 - No Title


Mort Aux Vaches vinyl out now

limited 184 copies black vinyl &
66 copies black vinyl with red splatters

23 copies of each are reserved for be
packaged in a wooden box edition with
LP + LP, bonus cassette, T-shirt & poster

A1. Truth Awakening [Awakening]
A2. Clean Cathedral
A3. Purgate My Stain [Pure]
B4. Sacred Worms
B5. To Mega Therion
B6. Death, Just Only Death
B7. Skin Sore Eyes


ISN @ Castle Party July 26-31 2016, Bolkow (PL)

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Castle party


ISN @ ETOR "Tenebrae De Profundis" May 6-8 2016, Athens (GR)

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ISN @ Decadence in Berlin, March 27 2016, Berlin (DE)

decadence in berlin 2016


ISN special set presenting the rituals of [VENTRE]

@ Rites of Eleusis III, March 26 2016, Chemnitz (DE)

rites of eleusis III



ISN can now be found on Tsu, feel free to use the invitation

isn tsu


ISN @ Tower Transmissions V, Sept 25 2015, Dresden (DE)

tower V


Cannula Coma Legio - T-Shirt & Girly

Pre-orders can be taken, shipping starts March 6th

canulla coma legio shirt


Soon available, Cannula Coma Legio. T-Shirt & Girly


CCL shirt


CCL shirt back


New ISN release out June 21 2014 on Cyclic Law

cannula coma legio


ISN @ Porta Nigra March 14 2015, Aarschot (BE)

porta 2015



ISN @ Wolfrune Fest, Athens (GR)

wolfrune fest


ISN @ Rites of Eleusis, Chemnitz (DE)

exclusive two set live show

rites of eleusis


ISN @ NCN 9, Deutzen (DE)



ISN @ Hradby Samoty V, Brno (CZ)



ISN @ Valhalla Festival, Norrkoping (SE)

valhalla festival



ISN @ Porta Nigra, Cologne (DE) Rotterdam (NL) Aarschot (BE)

Porta Nigra 2013


"New" Still Just Only Death - T-Shirt & Girly

still only death shirt


ISN @ Kantine, Augsburg (DE)

kantine 2013



ISN @ Dissonans 012, Stockholm (SE)

Diss 012


ISN @ Maschinenfest 2K12, Oberhausen (DE)

MF 2K12


ISN @ Moravian Industrial Festival 4, Olomouc (CZ)

MIF vol 4


ISN @ Helldorado 2012, Trondheim (NO)

hell 2012


ISN @ 21. Wave Gotic Treffen, Leipzig (DE)



ISN @ Nordic Audio Moderne, Vilnius (LT)

Nordic Audio Moderne 2012



Insanity & Treatment - 3CD Digibook

Limited: 999 Copies

Release date - October 23



ISN @ Porta Nigra, Rotterdam (NL) Aarschot (BE) Cologne (DE)

Porta Nigra 2011



ISN @ Summer Darkness, Utrecht (NL)

Summer Darkness 2010



ISN @ PIER PAOLO PASOLINI tribute night Turin (IT)


New T-Shirt ang Girly "In Humanity and Guns we trust"


ISN @ Schlagstrom Festival Berlin (DE)


ISN @ Fabrika ELEKTRA, Riga (LV)


ISN @ DOM club Moscow (RU)




Available from May, the 22nd 2009


ALIO DIE, TEATRO SATANICO, and many others.


ISN @ Elektroanschlag N°10l, Kanonenhaus - Altenburg (DE)


ISN @ Prague Apocalyptic Evening, Rock Cafe - Prague (CZ)


ISN @ Apocalyptic Decadent Evening C.C.R - Brasov (RO)


ISN @ Wroclaw Industrial Festival Gothic Hall - Wroclaw (PL)


ISN @ Mithras Garden Festival Fort Asterstein - Koblenz (DE)


ISN @ Gothic Festival Expo Hall - Waregem (BE)


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ISN @ 666 Gothic club, Madrid (ES)

madrid 2008


@ Raw in Eskilstuna 5th January 2008


CMI festival 17th November @ the Kantine - Augsburg (DE)


CMI festival 5th October @ Gyar Music Factory, Budapest (HU)


Don’t miss this event the 24th March @ the Kantine, Augsburg (DE) Both O.R.E and In Slaughter Natives merchandise will be available for serious business.


ISN @ Totentanz Werk 21 Zürich (CH)


It's time to book your Helloween vacation, on the Canary Islands. Apocalyptic Halloween party + ISN live, the 31st October in Las Palmas.

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For this evil summer season, we give you some easy listening.

With a cocktail in his hand


ISN @ KOKO, London (UK)



ISN Live video track from the Sonorites Obscures Festival - Lyon 2004

And there will be more to come!

You are the dead - Mp4

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Out NOW on Cold Meat Industry!!!!

cmi135 - IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES - Resurrection CD

One of the very first outbursts on Cold Meat Industry were In Slaughter Natives, and still to this day they are one of the most renowned and well-respected acts on the label and the industrial scene today.

Since the birth of J. Havukainen's brainchild back in 1988, the accumulated brilliance and overall excitement of every In Slaughter Natives release have far surpassed what any other band, man or woman can possibly accomplish over the extent of a lifetime; and this time is no different.

We are awestruck by the bombastic mayhem and the classical agony of hell's philharmonic orchestra coming to visit, and we bow our heads in reverence to the frantic growls of the king himself grinning from his place in your living room sofa.

This is pure brilliance; a masterpiece which proves that all these lonely years of everlasting anticipation have been worth the wait; In Slaughter Natives are back and still an untamed force to be reckoned with.

This is the soundtrack to the rising apocalypse, the mad laughter of the heretic burned at the stake; this is the return of a king!

Resurrection - The Return of a King

Track list

Behind my Walls
You are the Dead
Ashes of Angels
Tearing my Life away
As my Shield
Your Breed
The Vulture
Anger are you with me, follow my Steps
Blood Testural
And you still are the dead
Clean Cathedral - Video edit

Total 53 minutes + video